How do I create a backup/new RFD or Ubiquiti SD card?

“The SD card on the Pi is similar to a PCs hard drive and can not be copied. You can create a backup or ‘copy’ by creating an image, a .iso file. The flash drives provided during the workshop have an 8Gb image/.iso that can be used to create a new SD card for either payload. There is a slideshow with instructions on how to start from the .iso file and create a new SD card. There is another slideshow that shows how to set up each card to work with the Ubiquiti system or the RFD system. There is a thread on our forum about backing up SD cards at: homepage is at:

You will need a computer with an SD card reader and a program like Win32DiskImager and you can make copies of the SD cards.”

*NOTE* – Should you lose your backup image, we are working on a way to share the the 8Gb file in the future. Please contact us at shane.mayergawlik [at] should you need a new backup image file. Instruction slides can be found by clicking here.