Ballooning Supplies

Space Grant Supported teams who attended the workshops will receive a container of ballooning supplies. Included you should find:

  • Inert gas regulator
  • Brand new 2000g balloon (May workshop teams should receive two 2000g balloons)
  • Balloon fill hardware
  • ~50 ft of parachute and 80lb test cutdown cord.
  • Parachute
  • Balloon handling gloves
  • Two white sheets and a tarp for balloon fill
  • White duct tape
  • Metal ground station base plate (for teams that received an acrylic plate during the workshop)
    • Circular sand paper to stick on the base plate on the side that rests against the top of the tripod
    • **If you did NOT receive a metal base plate and need one, please contact Shane and one will be sent out ASAP**

Please note that the 1-1/8 inch wrench which is needed for the regulator is NOT included (our shipment was lost in transit). One can be found here for purchase if needed or look for a 1-18 inch 12-point SAE combination wrench.