Eclipse Ballooning Workshop

Event Start Date:July 16, 2016Event End Date:July 20, 2016Event Venue:Montana State University, BozemanEclipse ballooning training and coordination workshop goals: Build and test your common live camera payloads, in-flight tracking system, and ground stations (provided at no cost to teams who Continue reading Eclipse Ballooning Workshop

Coordination Events

Event Start Date:November 5, 2015Event End Date:May 18, 2021Event Venue:These events will take place over the next two years in order to get teams used to collaborating with each other as a progressive system and make for a successful nationwide event come eclipse Continue reading Coordination Events


Event Start Date:June 20, 2017Event End Date:June 20, 2017Event Venue:locations across the USComplete dry run with all teams to test video and tracking websites.

Develop team science payloads

Event Start Date:May 15, 2015Event End Date:August 21, 2017Event Venue:Eclipse ballooning teams have until the day of the eclipse to develop, test, and integrate their personal science payloads- or “secondary” payloads.

Distribute common camera/tracking payload kits.

Event Start Date:July 16, 2016Event End Date:July 20, 2016Event Venue:Nation-wideThe “common payload kits” will be distributed and built while learning the ins-and-outs of the systems during the July workshop.

Eclipse time!

Event Start Date:August 21, 2017Event End Date:August 21, 2017Event Venue:USTotality starts on the Oregon coast at about 1:20 PM EDT and ends about 2:50 PM EDT on the South Carolina coast.