June 2017 Ground Station Antenna Tracking Updates

Updated software can be found here: https://github.com/MSU-BOREALIS

  • Make sure you have updated the pyserial library (pip install update pyserial).
    • *NOTE* Before you update, check the version using the pip freeze command. Then update pyserial using the command pip install update pyserial
    • Recheck the version using the pip freeze command. If it did not update, try the following: pip uninstall pyserial select Yes then reinstall pyserial using pip install pyserial
  • The ground station antenna tracking software is:  Antenna_Tracker 
  • Entering your IMEI Number: The new code has a text box where you will input your IMEI when running the code. This mitigates the problem of each team needing to update the code manually.
  • Software/Links to have ready beforehand (if you have Anaconda installed, skip the first two bullets):

Updating Ground Station Tracking Update Video (Please note that in the video the repository has changed. If using the AntennaTracker_withRFD repository make sure you select the oldServo branch. Otherwise you can just use the AntennaTracker repository. If you already have Anaconda installed, skip to 8:20 of the instructional video):

Calibrating with the new ground station tracking software (audio is quiet):

Problems? Check here: Eclipse Design Proboards Forum Ground Station Antenna Tracker