May Workshop Software Update Overview

“January to May the hardware for occams was changed and the software for occams is different from January to May, no changes to occams since May. From May to July the only thing that has changed is the way the heading is determined in the antenna ground station program, this is the python program running on the ground station computer, the changes have nothing to do with servo control. Since July there have been no changes that I am aware of. To get any updates from May to July for software would require deleting and replacing one python file, or I recommend setting up git version control. If there are any changes in the future git will be the easiest way of getting updates. If you have a PC from the July workshop git is already set up. If you have a computer other than the ones provided in July or are setting up additional computers you will have to install git. I will be making a video tutorial on setting up git within the next week or so. Once git is installed you literally type in ‘git pull’ in a particular window and any changes made to software will be updated. In the meantime all the code from July is totally functional. I would have to check to see which file had the changes made since May and I could email them to you or you can download it from the MSU-BOREALIS git hub page,