Eclipse Ballooning Project Milestones and Reporting Checklist

Much like the Apollo program, we don’t have the time or the resources to launch and test everything we would like as our deadline fast approaches. The Apollo program used simulators, almost to the point of ad nauseam, not only to prepare astronauts to rocket to the moon but to know how to react appropriately when things didn’t go as planned. We are recommending a similar approach.Things (probably) won’t go as planned as you prepare your ground station and launch site on August 21st, 2017 and how your team reacts to these problems and having the resources and knowledge on how to tackle them could make the difference between a successful flight and a problematic one.

The 2017 eclipse is fast approaching and in preparation for the eclipse day on June 20th, 2017, we will be performing a group wide dry run event.The dry run will simply be a mock eclipse day from your site of choosing. Preparing for this dry run is another matter completely. To help everyone begin moving in one direction, a Project Milestone Guide has been devised. This guide covers everything from considerations and preparations of your whole system. To help gauge the progress of the project a Reporting Checklist has been created to report back with your progress. Along with the Reporting Checklist, short reports are requested upon the completion of certain milestones. We will be compiling and organizing these reports from 52+ teams to create the ultimate troubleshooting guide. The Project Milestone Guide and checklist will be updated as the project evolves (updating dates, for example) with updates being announced within future EARs. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

We can learn and benefit immensely from one another, taking everyone’s individual experiences and making them group experiences. The Eclipse Ballooning Project currently has 52 teams all with different backgrounds and levels of expertise and as we must approach this dry run  event, we must do so as a 52+ team entity moving forward as one… So let’s go “knock NASA’s space socks off!”

Eclipse Ballooning Project Milestones Rev B 2/14/2017 (PDF)

Eclipse Ballooning Project Reporting Checklist Rev A 10/24/2016  (EXCEL)

Eclipse Ballooning Project Team Checklist (for individual team use, NOT to be used for reporting) (EXCEL)