Uploading Eclipse Day Media Content

Here you will find instructions for uploading your eclipse day flight video and images. Upon completion of everyone’s flights on the day of the eclipse, we would like to begin stockpiling images and video ASAP, for the purpose of sharing images/video that:

  • will be available for the public to view post-eclipse (since the live views will be gone)
  • to starting editing together a highlights reel
  • to share with the Eclipse MegaMovie project for their science

Setting up for box collaboration: 

  1. Accept the ‘invitation to collaborate’ that was emailed to you. Everyone who receives group email correspondence from the leadership team should receive this invite. If you didn’t receive an invite, please contact Shane. This will take you to the Box homepage to log into your box account or to create a new account.
  2. Sign into your account or sign up for a new Box account. This is free and has a small amount of free storage.
  3. Once you are logged in you must accept the pending invitation to collaborate.

Below you will find a short video on how to upload your content. Begin by logging into the Box account then click the Eclipse Visual assets folder, find your team folder (by your team registration number) and upload your content. Please include all media that you would like to share.

Once you can access the shared Box account “Eclipse visual assets,” you will find a readme file (0001readme) and a list of folders labeled by team registration number (if you forgot your registration number find it on the teams page). Within your teams’ folder you will find four sub folders:

  1. Images from Ground – Images taken from your launch/ground station you would like to share (make sure you have a NASA Adult Media Release Form or a NASA (Minor) Media Release Form for anyone in images that will be shared publicly) – add your media release forms to “Image from Ground” folder. Each individual needs to fill out a form and uploaded.
  2. Images from Flight – Images from your still image payload and other imaging systems flown on your balloon(s)
  3. You Favorite Video(s) and Images(s) – Your favorite images and videos for quick reference. Please limit the number of items to less than 50.
  4. Videos – Videos taken from balloon flight from video system, other video systems (i.e. GoPro) and videos taken from the ground.

Please place your eclipse day content in the respective folders. If you have questions or need a contributor added to the account please contact Shane with their email address.