August 3 Video Payload Final Update

Step 0: Flash your video payload SD card using the same instructions as the June updates but with the new image: 2017-08-01-eclipse-pi.img.tar.gz

The new image can be downloaded here (both links will download the same file):

Step 1: Update your Ubiquiti modem firmware (on both ground and pi side)  You will need to plug your modems one at a time (do your ground station modem update first then your air side modem) into the POE of the “Ubiquiti modem power block” with a Ethernet cord from the Lan port of the “Ubiquiti modem power block” to a laptop. Note that your IP address of each modem should be printed on back of modem. The cfg files can be found here: cfgFiles

Step 2: Update your Ubiquiti modem to our current best long range settings for video streaming. The cfg files can be found here: cfgFiles

Step 3: Learn how to fetch videos files stored on the Pi and how to set the date and time on the videos to be relevant to your test, flight, etc.

A method has been developed to to use ffmpeg by running python, and for those of you who don’t want to copy paste into their command prompt, you wont have to. The repository where this python script is sitting is: Once downloaded, follow these steps:

  1. Move the python file into the same folder that you have your ffmpeg.exe file.
  2. Install the python module ffmpy, you can do this by typing in pip install ffmpy into you command console. –if pip isn’t a recognized command you can go to C:/Python27/Scripts/ to run pip in its home directory.
  3. Change line 9 in the code to contain your RTMP key

Example: what is currently on line 9:
RTMPKEY =’put you key in these quotes’

What you need to change it to:
RTMPKEY =’xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx’

Once you have completed these streps you can simply run the code and not have to change anything afterwards. This script is designed to restart when you lose connection, so if you lose connection with the paylaod your stream will restart once your ground station reestablishes the connection. This code will be updated as it continues to be refined. Make sure to read the on the github site!

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