Video System Streaming Range

Eclipse Ballooning Project Video System LSU Flight Test Report

“According to the Ubiquiti we are currently at a distance of 52 miles (46 miles over ground.) I can still maintain a stream (mostly) but I have had to log into the pi and turn down the streaming rate. I set the resolution to 1366 x 705 (resolution of OBS screen currently,) the FPS down to 15 and then bitrate down to 700,000 bps. This still seems to hold a stream even though the Ubiquiti is reading a signal strength of -87 dbm and and signal quality of ~30.

…I am still getting a lot of dropouts and the throughput seems to be hovering at around 500kbps.   I am going to log into the pi and change the bitrate to match that to see if I can last a little longer.

The feed has finally died at around the 60 miles mark. I cannot longer ping either the flight pi or the flight ubiquiti. During the streaming we used 3 settings for the streamed feed,

  1. raspivid –t 0 –h 1080 –w 1920d –fps 25 –b 2000000 t  (0 to about 47 miles)
  2. raspivid –t 0 –h 705 –w 1366d –fps 15 –b 700000 t  (47 to about 55 miles)
  3. raspivid –t 0 –h 705 –w 1366d –fps 15 –b 500000 t  (55-60 miles)

While watching the Ubiquiti’s command console I think that we have the bitrate too high. Even at its peak I don’t think  I saw over 1mbps sustained very often.”

Thank you, Doug Granger at LSU, for these updates during their recent HASP flight in New Mexico.