EclipseLogo1“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” – Chinese Proverb

We believe strongly in making the most of this rare astronomical event, in the realms of the general public, education, and creating meaningful long-lasting partnerships. We also believe strongly in giving the student participants career-making opportunities. This means there will be no black boxes and we will endeavor to use the most cutting edge tools, resources, and communication.

Students will conduct high altitude balloon (HAB) flights from about 25 locations across the 8/21/2017 total eclipse path, from Oregon to South Carolina, sending live video and images from near space to the NASA website. Video and images of a total eclipse from near space are fascinating – and they’ve only been taken once before, in Australia in 2012, see footage. It’s never been done live, and certainly not in a network of coverage across a continent.

Eclipse Ballooning White Paper March 2017

Eclipse Ballooning White Paper Fact Sheet

Radiosonde White Paper