US map with state outlines, yellow stars for each Engineering institution, and green stars for each Atmospheric Science institution

Current list of teams by pod.

Leadership team

  1. Montana State University - Montana Space Grant (Core Leadership Team and Engineering Track Lead) 
  2. NASA HQ/independant consultant Dr. Marissa Saad (Atmospheric Science Track Lead)
  3. University of Kentucky – Kentucky Space Grant (Atmospheric Science Pod Lead)
  4. University of Maine HAB - Maine Space Grant (Engineering Pod Lead)
  5. University of Bridgeport - Connecticut Space Grant (Engineering Pod Lead)
  6. University of Minnesota Gophernauts - Minnesota Space Grant (Engineering Pod Lead)
  7. University of Idaho - Idaho Space Grant (Atmospheric Science Pod Lead)
  8. Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma Space Grant (Atmospheric Science Pod Lead)
  9. Plymouth State University - New Hampshire Space Grant (Atmospheric Science Pod Lead)
  10. University of Maryland, College Park- Department of Aerospace Engineering (Engineering Pod Lead)
  11. The State University of New York at Albany (Atmospheric Science Subject Matter Expert)
  12. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Atmospheric Science Subject Matter Expert)