Eclipse Ballooning Workshops

July workshopJULY WORKSHOP


The May Practice and July workshops have successfully concluded! These workshops are the culmination of 52 teams from 30 states, 15,000 preparation hours, and 40,000 parts. Both workshops were conducted at Montana State University for teams participating in the Eclipse Ballooning Project to receive, build and test their systems in a 5 day extravaganza.

The May “Practice” Workshop, May 16th-20th, 2016 hosted 8 teams which we owe a special thank you to for their patience, feedback and help with ironing out the kinks in preparation for the much larger July Workshop. Thank you to the May workshop teams: KY-BCTC Balloon Sat Team – Kentucky, University of Kentucky – Kentucky, UMaine HAB – Maine, Carolina Eclipse Initiative – South Carolina, Carolina Solar Eclipse Initiative (NCSG) – North Carolina, University of Southern Indiana High Altitude Ballooning (USI HAB) – Indiana and last, but certainly not least, Oregon Tornados North Medford  High School – Oregon.

The July Workshop, July 16th-20th, 2016, hosted 41 teams with nearly 200 participants and helpers from all over the country.

The success of these first time workshops rest heavily on the students and mentors of the BOREALIS Program who helped design, test and build much of the common payload system “kit” and the incredible collaborative support of the Gophernauts of University of Minnesota, the LaACES of Louisiana State University and the Colorado Space Grant of CU Boulder.