Basic Information

Every team must choose either the Atmospheric Science or Engineering track. Due to the high cost of equipment & supplies as well as the high engagement level, a single team cannot participate in both. We will have a proposal process in 2022 to determine the 70 supported teams and 22 (of the 70) teams who receive additional support. To choose the 70 supported teams we will prioritize geographic diversity and teams with higher needs. We can accommodate leadership and training for up to 15 additional teams who cover their equipment and supplies. We cannot make any promises at this time other than: each consortium that wants to have a (well-dedicated) team can have at least one. 

Covered in the NEBP SciAct award for the 70 selected teams:

  • All necessary equipment and supplies except helium (see below) 
  • Well-coordinated leadership and training 

Additional, need-based support for 22 (of the 70) teams, focused for MSIs and CCs:

  • Travel reimbursement for two mentors to the May 2023 regional workshop
  • Helium reimbursement for practice, 2023 annular eclipse, and 2024 total eclipse flights
  • Travel reimbursement for eight students for each eclipse

Not covered and recommended for inclusion in SG augmentation proposals (these funds must be covered somehow for each team to be able to participate):

  • Travel for two mentors per team to the May 2023 regional workshop
  • Helium, estimated at $250/tank, for 1) practice, 2) 2023 annular eclipse, and 3) 2024 total eclipse flights. Helium costs are approximately $1,750 per event ($5,250 total) for Atmospheric Science track teams or $1,000 per event ($3,000 total) for the Engineering track teams.
  • Travel for students and mentors for each eclipse
  • Engineering teams: satellite modem tracking device fees (~$1,000 for all events)

Not covered and worth considering for inclusion in SG augmentation proposals:

  • Student support for March 2023 through August 2024
  • Mentor support for same time period

If your consortium wishes to have more than one team and the second (or third) team is not chosen for equipment and supplies support:

  • Equipment needed by May 2023: Atmospheric Science: $22,600; Engineering: $11,000
  • Supplies: Needed by May 2023: Atmospheric Science: $12,800; Engineering: $2,600. Needed by February 2024: Atmospheric Science: $9,100; Engineering: $800

Proposal Solicitation (released 4/8/2022; subject to change)

Link to Solicitation