NEBP Responsibilities

  • Overarching leadership and guidance
  • Regional pod leadership and guidance
  • Educational support for related activities including online asynchronous resources, online synchronous resources, and one in-person workshop for two team mentors (travel and lodging costs NOT paid unless the team has the additional support award)
  • For fully-accepted teams (70 total), all the necessary ground and balloon-borne equipment and supplies EXCEPT helium

NEBP holds no safety responsibility for activities conducted by individual teams.

Individual Teams Responsibilities

  • Team safety, insurance, and liability
  • Physical space for the team to learn, test, and practice
  • Funding support for travel to campaign sites, helium, student support (many Space Grant Consortia have allocated some funding, check with them if you haven’t already)
  • Following all prescribed safety and operations procedures
  • Meeting all applicable local, state, and federal flight regulations; guidance will be provided
  • Implementing all activities according to the guidelines and instructions
  • Recruiting and mentoring students; no student under the age of 16 is allowed to participate; minimum of five students per team
  • Submitting required reporting, anticipated to be 3-5 pages every six months
  • Obtaining necessary helium and transporting it to the campaign locations; guidance provided
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility; guidance provided
  • Investing time toward moving to a sustained remote sensing program at the home institution