Team Proposal Solicitation

Solicitation can be found at this link.

Proposal Preparation Webinar

NEBP held a proposal preparation webinar on Wednesday, April 27th at 3pm EDT. At the webinar gave an overview of the solicitation and described the required proposal components. Participants also asked questions. Webinar recording link: NEBP Proposal Webinar recording

General Informational Webinar

NEBP held an informational webinar on Thursday, March 10th, 2022. The webinar described the overall timeline and gave details on next steps, including when the call for team proposals will be released and when proposals are due. Webinar recording

Proposal Preparation Office Hours

Office hours to drop in and ask questions about the project and/or proposal preparation. Current office hours are listed below. We will add more for September and October at a later time. 

    • General questions (join at
      • Tuesday May 3rd, 11am-12pm MT
      • Wednesday May 11th, 3-4pm MT
      • Thursday May 26th, 9-10am MT
      • Tuesday August 2nd, 2-3pm MT
      • Wednesday August 10th, 11am-12pm MT
      • Thursday August 25th, 3-4pm MT
    • Atmospheric Science (join at
      • Tuesday May 3rd, 1-2pm MT
      • Wednesday May 11th, 10-11am MT
      • Thursday May 26th, 11am-12pm MT
      • Tuesday August 2nd, 11am-12pm MT
      • Wednesday August 10th, 1-2pm MT
      • Thursday August 25th, 1-2pm MT
    • Engineering (join at
      • Tuesday May 3rd, 9-10AM MT
      • Wednesday May 11th, 9-10AM MT
      • Thursday May 26th, 11AM-12PM MT
      • Tuesday August 2nd, 9-10 MT
      • Wednesday August 10th, 10-11AM MT
      • Thursday August 25th, 10-11AM MT