Below you will find images of the eclipse path at 80,000 feet for each path state. By clicking an image, you will be taken to the full resolution image which teams of the Eclipse Ballooning Project may download and print for their teams’ use.  A special thanks goes to the creator of these maps, Michael Zeiler of, for creating these maps specifically for the Eclipse Ballooning Project. An interactive map of the 2017 eclipse and activities can be found at the bottom of the page or by clicking here: Tour the Great American Eclipse of 2017.


Western, Central, Eastern


Western, Central, Eastern Idaho & Western Wyoming


Western Wyoming & Eastern Idaho, West-Central (Wind River), East-Central (Casper), Eastern Wyoming & Western Nebraska


Western Nebraska & Eastern Wyoming, West-Central (Sandhills), Central, Eastern



Western, Eastern



Western, South-Central Kentucky & North Central Tennessee

Tennessee (Georgia & North Carolina)

North Central Tennessee and South-Central Kentucky, SE Tennessee & NE Georgia & SW North Carolina (Smokey Mountains)

South Carolina

North-Western (Greenville), Central (Columbia), South-Eastern (Charleston)

Interactive Map

By clicking the Layer List in the upper right hand corner you can turn on additional layers, such as the “Path of totality lines at 80000 feet high” layer.