This is the landing page for the NEBP technical skills learning resources. As resources are available, they will be posted here. All materials will be ready by January 9, 2023. 

NEBP career skills learning resources are available here. 

General topics

The Sun and eclipses

Responsible conduct of research

Remote sensing basics

Eclipse viewer (build for $20!)

Atmosperhic Science track topics

Basic meteorology

Skew-t plots and temperature lapse rate

Meteorological sensors

Measurement uncertainty and quality control

Geophysical fluid dynamics in the atmosphere

Atmospheric gravity waves

Weather research and forecast model (WRF)

Satellite observations

Review of previous eclipse observations and field campaigns

Radiosonde standart operating procedures and techniques

Structuring of teams for successful campaigns

Engineering track topics

Ground Station Assembly

Basic ballooning - lift, launch, retrieval, payload stringing

Balloon path prediction and balloon tracking

FAA requirements, cut down system, power supply use

Fundamental electronics, programming, and mechanics

Single board computers, attached sensors, and data loggers

Understanding and analyzing recorded data

GPS and camera systems

Radio and antennas on the payloads and ground station

Internet requirements for streaming data and balloon tracking

Contingency planning

Structuring of teams for a successful project